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The power built into the Community Service Program is the tried and proven result of decades of working with young people and understanding what it truly is they need to learn.

We serve high schools The program follows on the continued success of students and schools that have been served by DSY's Community Service Program.

The 10-15% recidivism rate alone speaks volumes about the positive impact DSY's Community Service Program has had on suspended students who have been coming through the program for seven years.

Community Service Goals:

Builds the student’s awareness about their behavior and what it takes to change their thinking process, which in turn changes their actions.Creates a safe environment for students to discuss the issues Engages students in choosing Topics Keeps students in the classroom for more learning potential, academic success and social well-beingBuilds respect for teachers, school authorities, parents, peers and one’s self.Develops the awareness of the importance of a successful school experience, Gives students a sense of their value as volunteers who a difference Gives students an experience of the power of being an active member in the larger communityKeeps students in school, their classes and their community

These seven years of the Community Service Program have brought DSY accolades from the School Board, Assistant Principles, teachers and parents. Even amongst the schools and districts that are not currently using the program, Dynamic Solutions for Youth (DSY) is the program that set the standard, and they often call on President and Program Designer, Keith Jackson, for resources, consultations and information.

DSY's Community Service Program has grown out of that long history of understanding and responding to young people and learning from them what works and what doesn’t. Much of the uniqueness of DSY's programming is due to our willingness to ask and then listen to what the young people themselves have said and that commitment creates the safe environment for them to flourish.

Community Service

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