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The power inherent in the On-site suspension & Truancy Program is the deep wisdom and experience out of which this unique program has grown.

Suspension & Truancy Program

Group Counseling / Mentoring: "Keeping It Real" Group DiscussionsOne-on-one Counseling / Mentoring: Keeping It Real Conversation

Job-readiness skills & personal development

Conflict Resolution

Grievance & Conflict Resolution between staff & students

Grievance & Conflict Resolution between staff & parents

Grievance & Conflict Resolution between parents & students

Staff Communication Training

Communicating with young people

Diversity Training working with students, staff and families to ease tensions and change behaviors

SUPPORT SERVICES for transitioning suspended & truancy students to return successfully into the

                     education mainstream

INFORMAL COUNSELING to student and families to facilitate their willingness to work with each other

CONSULTING with school staff, parents and community regarding the program

TRACKING RECORDS of student participation

PROGRAM EVALUATION data from program to evaluate successes, effects and recidivism

On-site suspension & truancy

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