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 What We DO

*Race Awareness Training    *Restorative Justice   *Ease Racial Tensions In Schools      *Student Advocacy     *Cultural Intelligence  *Mentoring - Group & Individual


Racial AwarenesS should be the foundation of our culture and communication, and it involves learning how to stand back from ourselves and becoming aware of our own cultural values, beliefs, history and perceptions, and then to understand those of other people, individuals and groups.

DSY’s Mentoring has grown out of a long history of understanding and responding to young people and learning from them what works and what doesn’t. The unique success DSY’s Student Advocacy Program has had is due to our willingness to ask and then listen to what the young people themselves say, and then create ways and means for them to think about their school life. 

Restorative Justice & Conflict Resolution are an integral part of all DSY programs, these two approaches focus on the hows and whys of a student being sent to DSY Suspension Program and Community Service Program, and redresses the emotional and physical impact on all involved. Facilitated conversations are offered to all parties and implemented as a regular part of programs.

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