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racial Awareness Trainings

Cultural understanding workshops

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Trainings & Workshops

vailable to all schoolS or organizationS

Please contact us for more information


Race Awareness is the understanding of the uniqueness of one’s race compared to other races. In particular, a racially conscious person is aware of the physical characteristics, history, culture, traditions, and mores of his own race and how those things differ from other races. The training also covers how to assess the meaning of those cultural issues, sensitivities, and concerns for all members of a diverse community and to learn the skills for successfully communicate and knowing the other members of society.

Racial / Cultural Intelligence is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving effectiveness for culturally diverse situations. It increases more effective communication across cultures, improves school communities, teaches stronger team building, and the inclusiveness encourages sometimes left-out individuals to succeed in their studies.

Cultural AwarenesS  is the foundation of communication and involves learning how to stand back from ourselves and becoming aware of our own cultural values, beliefs and perceptions, and then to understand those of other people, indiviuals and groups.

Culturally Sensitive Communication is the knowledge and interpersonal skills that allow administration, staff, students and parents to understand, appreciate and work with individuals from cultures other than their own.


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